New probe-and-meter combination for magnetic-field safety measurements

31-01-2020 | Link Microtek Ltd | Test & Measurement

Link Microtek offers a powerful new combination of magnetometer probe and hand-held field meter that provides a complete, portable solution for getting safety measurements in workplaces where personnel are at risk from the effects of strong magnetic fields.

Manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the HP-01 magnetometer and the NBM-550 broadband field meter work together in tandem with the no necessity for a laptop and can be attached directly to one another or connected via a selection of fibre-optic cables. The hand-held meter is a more rugged and portable option to a laptop and also affords immunity to high electromagnetic fields – fields that could disrupt the operation of a standard laptop.

The two units together are perfect for taking measurements to assure compliance with the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016, which are the transposition into UK law of EU Directive 2013/35/EU. In particular, the equipment will assist in avoiding hazards due to the indirect effects of strong magnetic fields, including projectile risk or interference with active implanted or body-worn medical devices.

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