Gigabit network isolator protects connected devices from transient overvoltages

10-01-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

EMO Systems EMOSAFE EN-95 Gigabit Network Isolator, available now from Mouser, interrupts the electrically conductive connection (wires and shield) between devices connected via copper-guided Ethernet cabling. The device suppresses the electrical noise and galvanically decoupled copper-based Ethernet connections. The isolators stop equipotential bonding currents and protect connected devices and any users from transient overvoltages that have been directly or inductively coupled into the network cable due to installation errors, switching operations, lightning, or electrostatic discharges.

The device is characterised by high Ethernet performance and extremely high dielectric strengths. The device is furnished with a TVS diode array on each conductor giving dielectric isolation of 5.6kVDC/4kVAC and ESD protection. Differential voltage peaks can be produced by malfunctions of connected devices or by ESDs through the plugging process. The network isolator passes high-frequency alternating signals according to the principle of electromagnetic induction in the frequency range employed for data transmission. Due to this transmission principle, the device does not need its own power supply, and driver installation is not needed.

This high-performance device offers extremely low insertion losses and provides robust M12 connectors generally used in industrial applications for Ethernet applications. Systems designed around the device can obtain ISO 11801 Class D ratings.

Created to satisfy the demands of DIN EN 50155, this network isolator is fit for use in railway vehicle construction and general industrial environments. Sockets and DIN rails adapters are available as accessories.

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