Fast F-RAMs offer no-delay data write and high capacity

30-01-2020 | RS Components | Semiconductors

RS Components has released the new Excelon range of advanced ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM) devices from Cypress Semiconductor. Claimed to be the most energy-efficient non-volatile memory on the market, the company provides fast write speeds with no delay and an effectively limitless lifespan.

The devices employ the same SPI serial processor interface and timing as other non-volatile memory devices such as SRAM, EEPROM and serial Flash. However, it delivers write operations at bus speed, excluding the ‘soak time’ and buffering delays that can create data loss. The devices, therefore, make excellent drop-in hardware replacements for other non-volatile memory in applications that need frequent or rapid writes.

Three types of the device are offered: Excelon LP is designed for power-sensitive applications comprising portable medical equipment like neuromodulators and defibrillators, IoT sensors, wearable devices such as health watches and activity trackers, and portable test equipment. Excelon Ultra is aimed at high-performance industrial applications including factory automation, programmable logic controllers, motor controls and smart meters. Excelon Auto is excellent for automotive applications such as camera and sensor data capture for ADAS, event data recorders, and body control.

By Natasha Shek