Dual-channel temperature switch protects and detects system thermal events

10-01-2020 | Texas Instruments | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Texas Instruments TMP392 Dual-Channel Temperature Switch is an ultra-low-power, dual-channel, resistor programmable temperature switch that provides protection and detection of system thermal events from 30C to 130C. The device gives dual overtemperature (hot and warm) detection. The trip temperatures (TTRIP) and thermal hysteresis (THYST) options are programmed with two E96-series resistors (1% tolerance) on the SETA and SETB pins. Channel A resistors can range from 1.05KOhm to 909KOhm, representing one of 48 unique values. Channel B resistors can range from 10.5KOhm to 909KOhm.

The value of the resistor to ground on SETA input sets the TTRIP threshold of Channel A. The value of the resistor to ground on SETB input sets the TTRIP threshold of Channel B, as well as the THYST options of 5C, or 10C for both channels, to stop unwanted digital output switching. When the SETB input is connected to ground, Channel A runs with 20C hysteresis. Resistors' accuracy has no influence on TTRIP accuracy. To allow customer board-level manufacturing, the device supports a trip test function where the digital outputs are activated by exercising the SETA or SETB pin.

Typical applications areas include those for DC/AC inverters, DC-DC converters, temperature transmitters, ECS, power tools, power banks, lighting controls, industrial robots, machine vision, TB and DVRs, and WLAN/Wi-Fi access points.

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