Ultracapacitors launched for warehouse robotics and smart factories

05-12-2019 | Skeleton Technologies | Passives

Skeleton Technologies offers a new ultracapacitor product platform, the SkelCap SCA0300, to satisfy the fast-growing markets in manufacturing and warehouse logistics.

The strict power quality demands in manufacturing are driving the need for ultracapacitor-based UPS solutions, and the product platform is ideal for systems assuring high power quality to protect sensitive manufacturing equipment.

“The decision to develop a product platform in the 300F size and form factor came down to significant interest from the market, proven by the various applications already utilizing this cell size. The advantages provided by our low resistance and our patented manufacturing technologies make the SCA0300 the leading product platform in terms of power density, low heat generation, and lifetime.

We have already made a successful market entry in the elevator market by reducing energy consumption of elevators, together with Epic Power, and are proud to be saving energy by tens of percents in elevators, both for new installations and in retrofit projects around the world.”, said Dr. Sebastian Pohlmann, head of Cell Development at Skeleton Technologies.

“The new SCA0300 product platform, combined with our ultracapacitor management system and modern production processes, enables us to provide reliable, state-of-the-art ultracapacitor modules at a cost-efficient price point, while still maintaining the highest performance and quality in the industry”, explains Taavi Madiberk, the CEO of Skeleton Technologies. “The SCA0300 also complies with the strict IATF standard used in the automotive industry, ensuring the safety, quality, and reliability required in passenger vehicles, and also meets the requirements of applications in medical machinery, oil and gas, grid, and renewable energy production.

By Natasha Shek