Next-generation multi-beam high-density connectors offer a more compact design

03-12-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

TE Connectivity's Multi-Beam HD connectors are next-generation Multi-Beam connectors, available now from RS Components, which provide a more compact design with up to 135A per power contact and feature high-density power and signal which conserves space and decreases overall power consumption. The scalable and modular design also supports greater flexibility in configuration and PCB design.

The devices offer a six-beam design for power contact with three-level beam length for sequencing and reliable connection. The device offers a reduced mating force of about 40% lower than MULTI-BEAM XLE connector. Integrated signal pin and guide design of each side are provided on the device, saving 8mm (4mm x 2) overall length; and offers right-angle plug, right-angle receptacle and vertical receptacle versions with a modular design. The connectors are manufactured with high conductivity copper alloy and high-temperature resin, providing RoHS compliance.

Typical applications include data centre, telecommunications, industrial automation devices, and power system.

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