Compact host-based multi-radio module targets latest car models and industrial devices

02-12-2019 | U-Blox | Automotive Technologies

U-blox has introduced the JODY-W2 presents automakers with a feature-rich and ultra-compact wireless module offering industry-leading performance specifications. Moreover, a 13.8mm x 19.8mm footprint enables it to mark the acute space constraints that car manufacturers now face, while an operating temperature range spanning from -40C up to 105C means it also holds all the essential ruggedness for the most demanding in-vehicle environments. The module is also ideal for industrial applications.

The highly robust module includes the latest AEC-Q100 qualified wireless SoC technology. One variant (non-AEC-Q100) is particularly targeting tough industrial control and monitoring applications, such as patient monitoring, plus surveillance systems, and in-building asset tracking. It has dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), covering 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency channels, as well as built-in WPA3-compliant security mechanisms. Besides this, it provides Bluetooth 5 abilities, with both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth low energy. To obtain the best possible cross-protocol coexistence, there are individual antennas for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

As this module has the same form factor as the JODY-W1, it complements the company’s existing portfolio of host-based multi-radio solutions designed for both the automotive and industrial sectors. This makes it much simpler for engineers to upgrade their existing designs.

As Pelle Svensson, Senior Principal Product Strategy, Product Strategy Short Range Radio at U-blox, explains: “Connectivity is destined to be a key differentiator for car models in the coming years, and U-blox technology is clearly setting the pace here. Through our JODY platform, we can meet automotive OEMs’ requirements, and also address the subsequent aftermarket opportunities that are emerging. JODY-W2 sets new performance benchmarks and assures continued data security while coping with the elevated temperatures and challenging operating conditions that are unavoidable in automotive and industrial environments.”

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