Battery charging detector simplifies host and client design

02-12-2019 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has released dual-role PI3USB9201 USB BC 1.2 detector, which includes both host and client circuitry, allowing designers to optimise the BoM size and cost of adding USB Type-C interface circuitry in devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, drones, and small home appliances.

Unlike current market solutions that need devices dedicated to each host or client mode, the device allows developers to completely support the reversible and bidirectional flexibility of the USB Type-C interface with a single chip.

The device reports detection results to the system through a 1MHz I2C interface. Four-pin selectable slave addresses assist in avoiding bus conflict.

When configured as a host, the PI3USB9201 broadcasts the device status as SDP, CDP, or DCP via the USB D+/D- pins, in accordance with BC 1.2. As a client, the device monitors the D+/D- pins to detect the attached host type.

Highlighting differential pass-through USB switches, the device supports USB switch pass-through in host mode to allow system wakeup via mouse or keyboard. Further attributes comprise a wide supply-voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V, providing dependable operation in battery-powered equipment and energy-saving sub-1µA current in shutdown mode.

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