Air quality IoT starter kit includes a board, gas and temperature sensors

30-12-2019 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The Okdo Air Quality IoT Starter Kit, available now from RS Components, consists of a Wio Link board, a gas sensor, and a temperature and humidity sensor.

The Wio Link is an ESP8266-based open-source Wi-Fi board created to simplify IoT developments by providing plug-n-play modules through Grove connectors.

The TVOC/eCO2 Gas Sensor – based on Sensiron SGP30 – is an indoor air quality monitoring sensor. The device is a digital multi-pixel gas sensor that can detect harmful gases through TVOC and CO2eq.

The Temperature and Humidity Sensor (DHT22) is a high accuracy sensor employed in indoor applications. The detecting range of the sensor is 5% RH to 99% RH, temperature range from -40C to 80C, and its accuracy extends up to 2% RH and 0.5C respectively.

Setup and programming of this board can be performed utilising Arduino IDE with the support libraries from the company to send the sensor data to OKdo Cloud.

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