Added features and improved user interface in free-to-use CAD software

11-12-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

RS Components has introduced the newest version of its free-for-use DesignSpark PCB electronics CAD software. New features within DesignSpark PCB version 9 comprise dangling connection detection in schematics, net selection in copper pour areas, and enhancements to Excellon NC drill files.

The software is a set of free-to-use rapid PCB prototyping tools providing schematics unlimited in number and size, layers, nodes, pads and connections, integration with the company and manufacturer parts libraries, a library editor to produce custom libraries, and integration with free-to-use DesignSpark mechanical and electrical CAD systems. PCB schematics and files created can also be imported into the more powerful DesignSpark PCB Pro by users where a more complex set of design rules and characteristics are demanded.

Among the new features, schematic design now offers a dangling connections report, displaying up any component pin where a net has been generated but not completed or assigned. Additionally, designers can now select nets located within a particular copper pour area, rather than needing to pick from all nets in the design, as previously.

Maurice Banting, head of Design Software and Tools, commented: “DesignSpark PCB is our flagship entry point for electronic design engineers on tight budgets who are looking to explore a wider range of PCB design options. Combined with DesignSpark PCB Pro, and our comprehensive range of model libraries and footprints, customers have access to a set of resources that are geared towards helping them accelerate their design time-to-market. We are committed to improving our functionality and drawing on feedback from our user community, to ensure that cost barriers to innovation continue to fall for engineers around the world.”

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