Ultra-high noise tolerant comparators offer high reliability for automotive systems

12-11-2019 | ROHM Semiconductor | Automotive Technologies

ROHM has developed the BA8290xYxxx-C series of ground sense comparators providing breakthrough tolerance against EMI making them ideal for sensor applications in automotive systems such as ECUs and powertrain.

The company developed Operational Amplifiers using EMARMOUR, a proprietary technology that offers superior noise tolerance and assists in reducing design resources to implement measures against noise.

This series has delivered superior noise tolerance when employed as comparators to determine the threshold value of sensor output signals. It assures an output voltage fluctuation within ±1% over the complete noise frequency band when testing according to the ISO11452-2 standard. Conventional comparators normally have output voltage fluctuations of up to ±20% due to noise, which can lead to malfunctions (High/Low inverted). In contrast, the company's new series is not susceptive to noise, giving higher reliability while decreasing system design man-hours by lessening the amount of time required for noise evaluation and measure implementation that often needs the use of external filters.

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