System assists users to get a measurement solution in a few easy steps

29-11-2019 | Analog Devices | Test & Measurement

Analog Devices MeasureWare is a way to design measurement systems with electronics and firmware development, accomplished through the intuitive MeasureWare Software Studio and quick start measurement platforms.

The system helps the user to get a measurement solution in a few easy steps. First, select the hardware. The MeasureWare Designer assists to select and order the correct hardware solution for the application requirements. Second, get the measurements. Use the MeasureWare Lab to set up a kit and view the measurement data. Third, scale quickly. Advanced users can progress their design utilising MeasureWare Developer via the offered IDEs. To graduate from kits to designing in the solution's measurement modules employ the MeasureWare Lab to program small quantities or connect to the programming partners.

The kits and intuitive software tools can enable designers to get up and running with a solution tuned for their particular requirements in minutes. With this applied expertise time does not need to be used configuring hardware or writing firmware. The software helps to select the correct solution, including measurement modules, kits, and paired sensors.

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