Synchronous buck converters deliver high efficiency across all loads

04-11-2019 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has introduced five synchronous buck converters with integrated high- and low-side MOSFETs, providing PoL solutions with a continuous output current of either 3.5A or 5A. The devices provide proprietary gate driver technology, producing superior EMI performance in step-down DC-DC conversion for industrial, consumer, networking, and automotive applications.

The AP64350, AP64351, and AP64352 work with a quiescent current (Iq) of 22μA, while the Iq of the AP64500 and AP64501 is only 25μA. All devices offer low RDS(ON) and run from a supply voltage of between 3.8V and 40V and give an LDO mode. As well as the optimised gate driver design, the parts also use a frequency spread spectrum topology to additionally reduce EMI.

Also, the AP64351 and AP64501 implement programmable soft-start, which can relieve the effects of inrush currents as well as tracking, enabling power sequencing to be implemented more efficiently.

Switching frequencies are adjustable between 100kHz and 2.2MHz. This adjustable frequency enables engineers to choose the most appropriate configuration for their application, based on efficiency, size of external components, or RF compatibility with other system-level functions.

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