RFI shield cans design reduces installation costs

11-11-2019 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

Three sizes of shield can have been added to the EZ-BoardWare range to complement the range of EZ-Shield Clips developed by Harwin and available now from TTI Europe.

These devices are created to work with the Midi Shield clips, S1711-46R and S2711-46R.

These cans are mounted by simply pushing them into the SMT clips. Installation costs are decreased since there is no secondary processing required – assembly takes seconds. They can be simply removed for inspection, repair and rework, with no worry of damage to the PCB. The clips ensure secure can retention, resistant to shock and vibration.

The mechanically-robust, simple five-sided box design saves cost when compared to fence and cover styles. Cans are produced from nickel silver to ensure good screening.

Typical applications include telecoms base stations, radio communications, data processing, and in-car entertainment and information systems.

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