Relay series offers best in class shock and vibration resistance

18-11-2019 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Panasonic's SFY series makes it easy to create safety circuits in Industry, Transportation and Buiding Automation circuits. As one of the most powerful relays according IEC 61810-3 Type A, all forcibly guided contacts can switch 6A at once without any reduction of specification. SFY is available with four or six poles in various contact configurations. For demanding applications like rail engineering, the series provides best in class shock and vibration resistance, high ambient temperature and a sealed construction (RTIII).

For low-level switching, already the standard contacts provide 10mA 10V DC; even less is possible with optional gold-clad versions.

The series' small dimensions and very low holding power assists in decreasing power consumption and self-heating, which provides a further size reduction of the application.

Typical applications include emergency stop switches, machine safety engineering, safety control units, automation technology, elevators, cable cars, escalators, process technology, railway and signal technology, medical technology, conveyance, and overcurrent protection with monitor contact.

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