Raised quality with gaskets made of 100% EPDM

29-11-2019 | Emka | Subs & Systems

EMKA UK is converting the material of their self-clamping gasket profiles to single-piece mouldings in EPDM substituting the previous two-part glued assembly of EPDM and PVC. This indicates that its gaskets have a significantly increased quality as the new mono-moulding provides a wider thermal application range with higher resistance to UV radiation and acids, weathering, making the new sections especially durable.

With no need to join differing materials, more of the profile height can be compressed so that closure pressure may be decreased by up to 40% dependent on the actual section concerned, and latch operation is reduced.

The new mono moulding sections offer significant functional travel with hollow seals and lower compression force while maintaining the same equivalent insertion and retention force. They provide better temperature ranges, now spanning from -40C to +100C, and short-term up to +130C, with better UV resistance offering the feasibility to produce vulcanised rings and frames for faster assembly, enhanced sealing and decreased costs as well as the option to manufacture profiles according to UL, EN 45545-2 or VDI6022 standards with appropriate tooling.

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