New Rogowski coils provide easy outdoor installation

27-11-2019 | LEM | Passives

LEM has developed the Rogowski coils range to measure current up to 300,000AAC with accuracy class 0.5. The ARU range attains IEC 61869-10 class 0.5 without the requirement for extra components such as resistors or potentiometers to calibrate the coil, which can drift over time. The range gains from 'Perfect Loop' technology, a unique patented coil clasp that removes the inaccuracy created by sensitivity to the position of the conductor inside the loop. This technology offers an innovative, robust and fast' twist and click' closure.

The range can be installed outdoors as the models are compliant with UV, water, dust and ice resistance standards. The range has also ruggedised material to be durable in severe environments (wide operating temperature range up to -40C to +80C). Furthermore, an internal shield is given to protect against external fields, enhancing accuracy and optimising performance for small current measurements.

Whatever the chosen dimension - 70, 125, 175, 250 and 300mm diameter for the aperture – the device can be installed very quickly by simply clipping on to the cable to be measured. Contact with the cable is unnecessary, while the models assure a high level of safety as well as giving a high rated insulation voltage (1000 V Cat III PD2 - reinforced).

The range enables the coil disconnection to be identified by a security seal passed through a uniquely designed slot, making it beneficial when employed with a metering device. They can be utilised in applications necessitating a protection degree up to IP 68.

The series current sensors are CE marked and conformed to the IEC 61869 standard series, as well as being covered by the company's five-year warranty.

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