New pre-assembled XLR connector rack panel speeds assembly and save space

21-11-2019 | Cliff Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cliff Electronics offer a new version of their pre-assembled connector rack panels. The CP30183 rack panel features eight male, and eight female three-pin fronts mounted XLR sockets. The company's pre-assembled connector panels assist systems integrators by simplifying and speeding up assembly time while reducing component count and cost

Widely used in audio and broadcast applications the new loaded rack panel is also suitable for instrumentation and control connectivity. The connectors have solder tag connections, and a cable strain relief bracket is provided to secure internal wiring against strain and vibration. A connector labelling strip is positioned on the front of the panel to allow users to identify each connector.

Other pre-assembled rack panels available from Cliff feature 16 of their market-leading FeedThrough connectors each and available in the following configurations: 50Ohm, 75Ohm and 75Ohm gold insulated BNC, CAT6 RJ45 and CAT6A, HDMI A to HDMI A, USB2 A to USB2 B and USB2 B to USB2 A. Fibre Optic connector types ST / BFOC, LC duplex SM and LC duplex MM. Two other non-Feedthrough versions are mounted with XLR 3DCM and XLR 3DCF connectors.

Cliff rack panels may also be supplied without connectors for end-users to mount their own single or mix of connector types. Any connector with the standard 24mm-diameter XLR panel cut-out may be fitted.

John Hall, managing director of Cliff Electronics, comments; “Applications for pre-assembled rack panels continue to grow, and we are always happy to respond to customer requirements. Our latest version is ideal for an audio patch panel and many other connectivity requirements. Our pre-assembled connector rack panels, whether audio, fibre-optic, power or USB offer systems integrators fast and convenient system assembly.

By Natasha Shek