New multiband wireless communication LSI optimised for smart meters world-wide

19-11-2019 | ROHM Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ROHM Group company LAPIS Semiconductor has released the multiband (sub-1GHz/2.4GHz) wireless communication LSI, ML7421, optimised for applications needing low power consumption over comparatively long distances, such as gas/fire alarms, smart meters, smart agriculture and home/building security systems.

In recent years, the worldwide increase in energy usage from natural resources has emphasised the need for improved energy efficiency to mitigate the effects of global warming. In response, the company developed new wireless communication LSI, ML7421, providing high-performance communication. Further to covering the sub-1GHz frequency band (400MHz to 960MHz), it also covers the 2.4GHz frequency band, offering universal compatibility. This LSI offers very stable wireless characteristics, even under changing environmental parameters such as voltage and temperature fluctuations. Fluctuations over temperature (-40C to +85C) are only 0.5dB in TX output power and 1dB in RX sensitivity. Moreover, DC-DC converter, high-efficiency class-E power amplifier and a high-speed radio wave check function enable the average current consumption to diminish by 15% contrasted with conventional LAPIS products, providing lower system power consumption and longer battery life.

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