FPC Connector offers a reduced footprint and PCB space saving

22-11-2019 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The Hirose FH19 and FH19SC series 0.5 mm ZIF (zero insertion force) are FPC/FFC connectors with a low profile, lightweight design. These connectors, available now from RS Components, provide a low profile height of only 0.9mm and narrow width of 3mm, giving a decreased footprint and PCB space-saving.

A flip-lock rotating actuator enables easy insertion and secure retention of the FPC. The actuator offers a temporary hold mechanism which holds it open throughout the insertion of the FPC. When the actuator is completely closed, it gives a tactile click to verify it is firmly locked in place. The metal fittings on the sides of the connector aid to secure the connector to the PCB and additionally act as guides when the FPC/FFC is inserted.

The leadless design of these fittings indicates that they take up less space on the PCB. The bottom of these connectors is solid, and the contacts are not exposed, enabling the connector to be mounted over conductive traces on the PCB.

Typical applications for these connectors include miniaturised portable equipment, personal mobile devices, notebook PCs, mobile phones, PDA, portable audio players, and DVD-R.

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