Error detector evaluates 400 and 800GbE transmissions

12-11-2019 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation has launched its PAM4 Error Detector, that supports 116Gb/s bit error rate tests. This new module for the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series is claimed to be the only device to deliver error-free measurement of PAM4 signals at 116Gbit/s with excellent operation bit rates and high Rx sensitivity. Combined with the earlier MP1900A series PAM4 Pattern Generator, the new module supports high-accuracy BER measurements of PAM4 signals.

With the growth of next-generation 5G mobile communications and Cloud services, data communications traffic is anticipated to increase exponentially. Also, data centres supporting rapid transmission of large volumes of traffic are changing to the 400GbE*3 communications standard employing the 53.125Gbaud PAM4 x 4 lane method and are investigating a future switch to 800GbE*4 using eight lanes.

The new device is a bit error rate tester for communications speeds of 400G and faster, supporting high-speed signal generation and signal performance analysis.

With a built-in high-bandwidth and high-input-sensitivity Rx circuit, the newly released PAM4 ED MU196040B module carries error-free measurement of 100Gbit/s PAM4 input signals even at a low input amplitude of only 36mV typ. Furthermore, the built-in clock-recovery and equaliser functions support highly reproducible jitter and ISI stress tests of transceiver input circuits utilising an easily configured equipment setup.

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