Compact DIN-rail mini power supplies provide space opportunities

08-11-2019 | Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd. | Power

PULS Power has introduced the smallest products in its PIANO product family. Three new 24VDC output DIN-Rail power supplies have joined the range; PIM36 (36W - arriving soon), PIM60 (60W) and PIM90 (90W).

The new PIANO Mini power supplies free-up space in industrial automation, machines or control panels to give more flexible system planning. The PIM90, a 90W DIN-Rail power supply in a 36mm x 90mm x 91mm (WxHxD) housing, is claimed to be unique in the market. The width of the 36W version is only 22.5mm. These new power supplies unlock new space opportunities for system designers.

A key design feature is the high efficiency of 91.8% (PIM60 and PIM90) at full load and +40C ambient temperature. The resulting low heat losses make the power supplies more durable, extending their working life and that of the end system and decreases the cost of system cooling.

The PIM60 and PIM90 provide users with the choice of push-in or screw terminals. The push-in terminals decrease installation time and are reliable in environments exposed to shock and vibration. Also, they are ideal for robot-assisted wiring processes. Screw terminals can fit larger diameter wires and are popular in more benign environments.

“Industrial processes and machine building are key markets for our DIN-Rail power supplies. “comments Marco van der Linden, UK country manager for PULS.” Systems designers are continually trying to reduce the size of their panels or create additional space for functional equipment. Our new PIANO Mini products provide new space opportunities without sacrificing quality or reliability.”

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