Carving a path to DevOps and stronger cybersecurity for embedded developers

08-11-2019 | Wind River technology | New Technologies

Wind River has released its latest version of Wind River Simics. Using virtual platforms that can accurately model actual hardware, Simics enables functional simulation of any size system, from chips to the most complex system of systems, and produces a path for embedded developers to sharpen their continuous integration/continuous deployment practices and develop a DevOps culture.

The recent release includes performance improvements and tool enhancements to strengthen security, and it provides greater insight into active simulations to better assist developers in understanding how their solution utilises system resources. These enhancements enable embedded developers to enable a DevOps approach that aids the development, testing, and delivery of their products faster than ever before. In addition to being able to produce better quality products faster, simulation with Simics allows much more comprehensive security testing.

“Simics helps our customers adopt CI/CD practices for embedded development, resulting in increased product quality and accelerated time-to-market, and it facilitates the adoption of a DevOps culture,” said Michel Genard, vice president of Product, Wind River. “Furthermore, customers have recognised Simics to have the best cyber test bench for simulating an unlimited number of attack vectors, significantly reducing security vulnerability exposure.”

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