Bluetooth low energy module ideal for indoor positioning applications

01-11-2019 | U-Blox | Subs & Systems

U-blox has released the NINA-B4 Bluetooth low energy module series. Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52833 chip, the device allows several Bluetooth features including Bluetooth long-range, Bluetooth mesh, and Bluetooth direction-finding. The module is fully tailor-made to the requirements of applications in the connected smart homes, industry, buildings, and cities, asset tracking, and eHealth.

The main highlight of the series is Bluetooth’s new direction-finding feature, a key component of the Bluetooth v5.1 specification that delivers the advantages of high precision positioning to indoor applications. The device is the company's first module created to act as both a transmitter and a receiver in angle of arrival and angle of departure direction finding and indoor positioning applications.

The series comes with the company's u‑connect software, simplifying the integration of Bluetooth into new and existing products by giving an easy-to-use interface to configure the connectivity needed.

The devices further stand out for its powerful Arm Cortex-M4F MCU with an open CPU architecture, enabling customers to run their own applications right on the module. Supporting Zigbee and Thread, the first members of the NINA-B4 family come with an internal PCB antenna, or alternatively, with a U.FL connector for an external antenna of choice.

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