3D-CT automated X-ray inspection system delivers increased speed and accuracy

06-11-2019 | Saki Corporation | Subs & Systems

Saki Corporation has introduced a compact, lightweight, inline 3D-CT automated X-ray inspection machine, the 3Xi-M110, for inspection of PCBAs. The machine decreases the dose and exposure to X-rays through inspection and offers new soldering quality inspection functions for PCB assembly applications.

The company's new X-ray inspection system assures the quality of hidden solder joints for bottom-electrode packages including BGAs, LGAs, and QFNs, which are seen in advanced embedded devices, telecommunications, and automotive products. The PCT gives precise volumetric measurements and shape reconstruction to find voids, HiP, and other defects that are very difficult to identify.

The hardware platform is 1,380mm wide and weighs 3,100kg, making it 40% lighter and decreasing its footprint by 25% over its predecessor. The imaging range has been optimised to handle board sizes up to 360mm x 330mm (W x L). For larger 360mm x 510mm (W x L) boards, two-step image capture is offered.

One of the most significant features of the new system is the revolutionary X-ray tube, which can decrease X-ray exposure up to 70% by powering on the X-rays only at the moment of image capture.

"In the automotive and communications industries, where quality assurance is important, the effectiveness of high-precision, high-quality PCB X-ray inspection has become critical," said Masahide Iino, director and head of the sales division of Saki Corporation. "Saki will continue to respond to the needs of the market by leveraging the accumulated knowledge and experience it has gained through its history as a leading innovator in the field of 2D/3D automated optical inspection and X-ray inspection."

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