Ultrasonic cleaning tank gently cleans an extensive array of materials from plastic to metal

16-10-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

The RS PRO Ultrasonic Cleaner 10L ultrasonic cleaning tank from RS Components, is a high-quality narrow cleaner that employs a blend of ultrasonic vibrations and cleaner solution to gently clean and degrease an extensive array of materials from plastic to metal. This machine offers a stainless steel tank and housing, affording a durable and corrosion-resistant cleaning device. The narrow design is perfect for cleaning slimmer items such as surgical and medical instruments.

This device comprises fully adjustable modes, including temperature and timer controls, providing full control. The cleaning tank also offers a degas mode that is excellent for the preparation of cleaning solutions, while the delicate and full power modes give greater control of the cleaning process.

The device is ideal for cleaning a variety of items such as electronic and mechanical parts, jewellery, medical equipment, and plastic.

This ultrasonic cleaning tank is compatible with a range of accessories which includes a basket, enabling users to safely clean items without damaging them or the transducers of the tank.

The company also offer ultrasonic cleaning fluids that are compatible with these ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

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