Students receive products for the development of autonomous racing cars

22-10-2019 | ROHM Semiconductor | Automotive Technologies

ROHM will be participating in Formula Student Electric & Driverless: The company signed a sponsoring contract with the Team Starcraft of the Technical University Ilmenau, Germany. As part of the agreement, the company will give students products from its extensive portfolio for the development of their vehicles. The team will also be receiving financial support.

In Formula Student, university teams battle in an international design and racing competition that is not only about the fastest racecar. The aim of every team is to deliver the optimal overall package of construction, performance, and financial and sales planning. The competition is separated into three classes: In addition to classic combustion vehicles and modern electric vehicles, there is a class for autonomous vehicles.

With this cooperation, the company expands its contacts with leading universities in Europe. Also, the company desires to demonstrate the application possibilities and advantages of its products in the automotive sector.

“It's nice to see how much heart and soul the students put into their work,” said Toshimitsu Suzuki, president of ROHM Semiconductor Europe. “ROHM is proud to support the next generation of top engineers and contribute to the mobility of tomorrow.”

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