Solving interoperability challenges of delivering up to 90W of PoE wiring

28-10-2019 | Microchip Technology | Power

Microchip allows both pre-standard and IEEE-compliant PDs to draw up to 90W of power without changing PoE switches or cabling. This development facilitates the transition to utilising IEEE 802.3bt-2018-compliant PoE injectors and midspans for users and PSE chipsets for system developers.

The company has provided a PSE chipset for implementing the widely adopted PoH four-pair power standard for 95W PDs. It is now claimed to be the first to also provide an IEEE 802.3af/at/bt chipset that allows pre-standard switches to interoperate with new IEEE 802.3bt-2018-compliant products. Its complete IEEE 802.3bt-compliant solution incorporates a range of products.

The company's IEEE 802.3bt-2018-compliant PSE chipset is offered in volume quantities comprising the PD69208M, PD69204T4 and PD69208T4 PSE managers and PD69210 PoE controller. The PD70224 IdealBridge dual MOSFET-bridge rectifier is also offered. Evaluation boards, design application notes, firmware, GUI software and the communication protocol are all accessible for download.

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