Position sensor offers robust high-resolution performance for robotics

28-10-2019 | Vishay | Test & Measurement

Vishay Intertechnology offers a new high precision position sensor that provides a more robust performance than current absolute encoders and greater resolution and accuracy than traditional Hall effect sensors for industrial robotics and additional demanding applications. The new RAMK060 rotational absolute magnetic kit encoder employs advanced contactless technology to achieve >13-bit accuracy, 19-bit resolution, and >16-bit repeatability whilst sustaining robustness against external magnetic fields, airborne pollution, moisture, vibration, mechanical shock, and changes in temperature. The device offers a beneficial electrical angle of 360-degrees and operates over a temperature range of −40C to +85C, with higher maximum temperatures available on request.

The rotor + stator kit design of the device, including its off-axis design (for hollow shaft mounting), slim ~6.5mm profile, and lightweight (<55g) make it excellent for applications where limited space is available, but an angular position requires to be identified with high accuracy. The device provides an outside diameter of 60mm and an inner diameter of 25mm. Several multi-turn variants are offered, including connection to a backup battery when system power is off. SPI, SSI, or Biss-C output signals are available.

The company's patented design is especially ideal for applications needing precise and repetitive motion such as arm joints for industrial robots and collaborative robots; steering wheels for automated guided vehicles; and machine tools employed in printing, textile manufacturing, and milling.

By Natasha Shek