MIPI PHY switch offers fast switching between high speed and low power across five lanes

17-10-2019 | Diodes Inc | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Diodes Incorporated has released the PI3WVR648GEAEX five-lane MIPI 2:1 switch, able to switch physical layers that comply with either C-PHY or D-PHY serial interfaces, as defined by the industry-standard spec for image sensors and cameras in smartphones and displays in mobile applications.

The device supports both HS and LP MIPI, enabling connected modules to switch between these standards with no delays or signal degradation.

The device provides fast switching among its five lanes, arranged as ten channels in a single-pole, double-throw configuration. The 2:1 multiplexing enables rapid switching between HS and LP MIPI physical interfaces. Typical usage is to connect two MIPI-compliant devices to a single module with a C-PHY or D-PHY interface, like a multi-camera smartphone.

With support for four data lanes with one clock lane in D-PHY or three data lanes in C-PHY, the PI3WVR648GEAEX can support data rates of up to 4.5Gbps (D-PHY) and 3.5Gsps (C-PHY) with a complete bandwidth of 6GHz, low crosstalk of -28dB at 2.25GHz, and off-isolation of -23dB at 2.25GHz.

The device can switch both HS and LP PHY specifications with a maximum propagation delay of only 0.25ns. It runs at a supply voltage of between 1.5V and 5V, with a switch-on resistance of 5Ohm for HS and LP MIPI signals.

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