Magnetic encoder meets a growing need for sensors with a digital signal output and miniature footprint

16-10-2019 | TE Connectivity | Test & Measurement

To meet the increased demand for digitisation and miniaturisation in sensors, TE Connectivity has introduced the KMA36 Magnetic Encoder IC.

The device is a precise universal magnetic Encoder IC for rotational or linear measurement with resolution up to 15 bit. It provides a sleep mode (reduced power) over I2C and programmable parameters that give options for an extensive range of configurations providing for maximum design freedom and functionality. Furthermore, AMR technology facilitates precise and contactless 360-degree measurement over an external magnet and in linear applications so that the device can determine incremental positions on a magnetic pole strip.

The magnetic encoder IC also has large air gap tolerance. The measurement is reliable over temperature ranges and resilient against thermal stress. The maintenance-free operation and high bandwidth of this universal magnetic sensor make it a suitable choice for dynamic applications in harsh environments, including industrial machine control, robotics, and medical device feedback.

“At TE Connectivity, we continue to evaluate market trends and fulfil demand needs in the sensor industry,” said Michiel Boermans, product manager of TE sensors business. “The KMA36 Magnetic Encoder IC is an excellent choice for applications where digital output and precise measurement are required. Complete with AMR technology, the KMA36 is a high-performing sensor that gives maximum design freedom and functionality for our customers.”

By Natasha Shek