M12 connectors aimed at environments where rugged connectors are required

17-10-2019 | Stewart Connector | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Stewart Connector and world-class manufacturer of high-speed connectors used in Data Communication applications announce the release of their M12 A-Code Series, aimed at environments where rugged connectors are required to power and communicate with equipment extensively seen in today’s manufacturing environments. This series is interfaced compatible with other industry-standard M12 A-Code connectors.

The company’s M12 series comprises A-Code product variety incorporating both male and female panel mount connectors and field terminatable plugs in both four and five-pin options. DeviceNet, CANbus and Fieldbus communication protocols mainly use M12 A-Code connectors with either four or five-pin options. The series (M-metric/12mm circular connector industry standard diameter) with A-coding, or keying, stops mismatching with other M12 versions. The connectors are mostly employed for sensor communication and carrying DC power. The series provides both IDC and soldering termination options for quick and simple installations, replacements, or upgrades.

All of the company’s M12 products are IP67-rated when installed, adding to the reliable character of these connectors in industrial environments. M12 connectors are a popular standard in factory automation sensors and power applications while extending into robotic applications and alternative energy solutions.

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