ToF development platform for modular technology evaluation and prototyping system in depth perception

13-09-2019 | Analog Devices | Development Boards

Analog Devices Inc. 3D ToF Development Platform (AD-96TOF1-EBZ) is a modular technology evaluation and prototyping system for depth perception. Based on the industry-standard 96Boards Mezzanine specification, the platform provides a small form factor that can be quickly built into proof of concepts. The platform can be utilised directly with 96Boards Processor Boards, including the Qualcomm Dragon Board, for 3D software algorithm development. A Raspberry Pi interface on the Mezzanine board provides additional design flexibility.

The platform runs across industrial operating specifications. Objects up to 6m in the distance can be detected, and the platform arrives with easy-to-use calibration software to assure optimal operation in the target environment. Laser operation complies with Class 1 safety operating demands while the default operating frequency is 940nm for enhanced use in testing lighting conditions indoor and outdoor.

The device can connect to a host computer via USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. This flexibility allows evaluation over an extensive range of use cases and environments. Sampling rates of up to 30fps are supported. The included Native/Host SDK processes the data read by the on-board CCD and gives it to user applications for additional use. For ease of application, the SDK also offers OpenCV, python, and MATLAB wrappers for custom development.

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