Thermal fuse now also offered with integrated shunt

06-09-2019 | Schurter | Passives

SCHURTERS RTS thermal fuse is now offered with a new variant which includes an integrated shunt. The RTS is a very compact overtemperature protection device for power semiconductors in SMD technology requiring the highest demands.

The Reflowable Thermal Switch (RTS) was developed to guard highly integrated power semiconductors from overheating. Before mechanical activation, the new thermal fuse can be soldered on conventional reflow soldering machines with profiles up to 260C.

The new overtemperature protection device offers the same minimal dimensions and maximum breaking capacity. With its small 6.6mm x 8.8mm footprint, the device can manage operating currents of up to 130A and rated voltages of up to 60VDC.

The shunt version has an integrated resistance with, particularly low-temperature dependence. This resistance, known as a shunt, enables precise current measurement and enables an additional – non-thermal – circuit protection, such as via a controller.

By Natasha Shek