Rechargeable LED torch is ideal for hazardous areas

04-09-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

The unique Peli 3315RZ0-RA LED light, available from RS Components, is powered by a specially designed lithium rechargeable battery that gives a life expectancy of over 2,000 cycles, four times more than the typical 500 cycles that batteries ordinarily last. The torch is lightweight and with three lighting modes (high/low/flashing), shines up to 132 lumens of brilliant clear light and provides a run time up to 34 hours in a small compact design.

Additionally, this torch offers a full-time battery level indicator that is conveniently integrated into the switch. The device's ergonomic polymer body is engineered with a sure-grip texture.

The light is provided with a right angle adapter with a clip that offers hands-free lighting. This adapter enables the torch head to articulate, directing the light precisely where needed.

This rechargeable torch is 210.1mm in length and gives a range up to 108m. The torch has an IP67 rating and has an ATEX hazardous area certification.

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