Pocket-sized USB spectrum analysers bring operational efficiencies to production environments

27-09-2019 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation has extended its Spectrum Master MS2760A ultraportable spectrum analyser series with extended broadband frequency coverage from 9kHz-170GHz, as well as a new series of higher sensitivity models – the Spectrum Master MS2762A - with coverage from 6GHz to 170GHz for the most exacting sensitivity demands. This series of tablet-driven, pocket-sized solutions blends flexibility and portability with best-in-class dynamic range, enabling design and production engineers to complete basic spectrum measurements, such as channel power, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, and harmonic measurements, on CW signals up to 170GHz. Together, the family of analysers offers a full suite of cost-efficient verification tools for a growing number of emerging mmWave applications.

With the addition of two new models and eight introductory instruments, this family of ultraportable spectrum analysers are direct-connect solutions that provide a superior dynamic range of typically 108dB at 70GHz. The MS2762A high sensitivity models offer typical DANL as low as -141dBm from 6GHz to 90GHz, covering various bands starting from midway through the C band all the way through the E band. Above 90GHz, the typical DANL performance continues the superiority at -136dBm to 110GHz; -129dBm between 110 and 145GHz; and -122dBm between 145 and 170GHz. This performance enables engineers to see more low-level signals, making the spectrum analysers ideal for many applications, including radio astronomy in the D band.

The lower noise floor allows the family to conduct accurate spectrum mask testing of mmWave, point-to-point radios during production. Amplitude accuracy is typically ±1 dB, which provides engineers with greater measurement confidence and improves overall product performance. With a sweep speed of fewer than 24 seconds (typical, processor speed-dependent) over the full 6 GHz to 170 GHz frequency range, the new models shorten test times.

The new family offers advantages in many R&D and production applications demanding standard power and CW testing. Among the environments are automotive radar, microwave radios, and mmWave applications above 110GHz, including object detection radar, radio astronomy, high-resolution defence radars and antenna beam pattern testing (in-chamber and outdoors).

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