M8 sensor and automation connectors feature 12 contacts

18-09-2019 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The scope of sensor and automation applications for binder’s M8 connectors has been considerably increased with a new 12-contact version. According to the company, industry sectors incorporating factory automation, industrial networking, process control, robotics and machine tools will benefit from this latest version.

The Series 768-718 UL approved screw coupling M8 connectors provide installers with a high degree of flexibility as they are quick and easy to install, decrease downtime and allow labour cost savings. The company's connectors give protection from liquids, dirt and dust while the screw locking mechanism is immune to vibration, which ensures a strong connection.

These moulded male and female cable connectors and panel mount connectors can be supplied terminated with PUR cable or single wires. As a result, the company can configure these connectors to satisfy a specific need which enables them to meet a wide assortment of complex customer applications.

The new connectors offer brass, gold-plated contacts and come with standard cable lengths of 2m or 5m or single wires in standard lengths of 200mm. The company can supply different lengths on request.

The connectors are protected to IP67 when mated, provide a current rating of 1A and a rated voltage of 30V. They are offered as shielded or non-shielded versions.

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