LED lens array ideal for street and industrial lighting

18-09-2019 | RS Components | Lighting Technologies

The Ledil C16220 STRADELLA-16-T1-A STRADELLA Series is a 16-Way LED lens with asymmetric beam. The device is a dense lens array ideal for street and industrial lighting and offered in up to 3535 size LEDs.

The device is a cost-efficient product family of single lenses and dense lens arrays ideal for the street, area and industrial lighting. Larger lens arrays come with an integrated silicone gasket for dusty and dump environments with up to IP67 ingress protection. Supplying a large amount of light from a comparatively small area they are an ideal option for up to 3535 size mid and high-power LEDs and CSP LEDs.

The asymmetric IESNA Type I (short) beam is designed for tilted poles. The dimensions of the device is 49.5mm height x 4.3mm, and the box size of 480mm x 280mm x 300mm, weighing 5.3kg. The product is ROHS compliant.

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