Isolated DC-DC converters deliver accurate high voltage at higher efficiency with low EMI

27-09-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Power

The XP Power HRL30 Isolated DC/DC Converters are miniature 30W regulated high voltage DC-DC converters providing voltages up to 6kV. This device is available now from Mouser. These DC-DC converters provide accurate high voltage at higher efficiency with low EMI. The converters provide digital compatible voltage and current monitors and controls to make it a convenient device for a broad range of high voltage applications.

These converters operate at 22V to 30V input voltage range and -40C to 70C temperature range. The converters offer constant voltage and constant current operation with automatic crossover to a current limiting mode. The device offers a low ripple <0.05%, efficiency >80%, together with premier thermal performance.

Typical applications include mass spectrometry, electrophoresis, E-beam/ion beam, an electrostatic chuck, capacitor charging, photomultiplier tube, and scanning electron microscope.

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