High-speed photocouplers provide support for high-speed communication

13-09-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics RV1S9x60A High-Speed Photocouplers provides support for high-speed communication up to 15Mbps, providing an extremely low threshold input current rating. These devices, available now from Mouser, also provide high common-mode rejection (noise tolerance) up to 50kV/┬Ás min, to protect microcontrollers and other I/O logic circuits from high-voltage spikes while transferring high-speed signals. The photocouplers are provided in a variety of packages, with a small footprint for every reinforced isolation (up to 690Vrms), and minimum creepage distances of 4.2mm to 14.5mm to assure safe operation.

The photocouplers comprise of an AlGaAs LED on the input side and an integrated circuit with a photodiode on the output. These devices run from 2.7V to 5.5V with a 2mA supply current.

The RV1S9060A device is provided in an LS05 package with a maximum creepage distance of 8mm, making it perfect for communication between MCUs of 200V and 400VAC servos and inverters, and 750VDC storage batteries. The RV1S9160A is provided in an SO5 package with a creepage distance of 4.2mm, ideal for PLC, I/O, and RS485/232 applications. The LSDIP RV1S9960A is ideal for 690V industrial inverters and 1000V solar power conditioner applications with a creepage distance of 14.5mm. The RV1S9060A and the RV1S9160A also have a maximum operating temperature of +125C. The RV1S9960A provides a peak operating temperature of +110C.

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