High frequency MLCCs provides excellent temperature characteristics

03-09-2019 | TTI Europe | Passives

Yageo automotive-grade high-frequency AQ series featured with temperature stable NPO dielectrics, of multi-layer ceramic capacitors. The range covers size 0603, capacitance range: 0.2pF~100pF with 50V-rated voltage.

Featuring outstanding temperature characteristics and a narrow tolerance of capacitance, the capacitors utilise the in-house concept in both material and processing designs. It is generally used in applications with high frequencies from 500MHz to 10GHz. With improved low power consumption for mobile telecommunications, the series has copper inner electrodes that provide for low ESR, low ESL, and high SRF in UHF (300MHz-3GHz), SHF (3GHz-30GHz) and microwave frequency bands.

Typical applications include automotive, mobile front end, wireless networking, M2M, NB and tablet, and power amplifier design.

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