Evaluation board ideal for getting started on development with tunable band-pass filters

19-09-2019 | Analog Devices | Test & Measurement

Analog Devices ADMV8420-EVALZ Evaluation Board is excellent to begin development with the ADMV8420 Tunable Band-Pass Filters. The ADMV8420 Tunable Band-Pass Filters are MMIC that offer a user-selectable passband frequency. The evaluation board signal lines must have 50Ohm impedance while the package ground leads and exposed pad must be connected straight to the ground plane. The device uses an adequate number of via holes to connect the top and bottom ground planes.

All RF traces are routed on Layer 1 (primary side), and all other layers are ground planes that give a solid ground for RF transmission lines. The top dielectric material is Rogers 4350, providing low loss performance. The prepreg material in Layer 2 joins the Isola 370HR with copper traces layers above and below together. Both the prepreg material and the 370HR core layer are utilised to produce the necessary board finish thickness.

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