Easy-to-use connectors suits harsh-environment applications

12-09-2019 | Nicomatic | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Nicomatic has new features for its rugged micro connector, the 1.27mm pitch EMM series, which is aimed at defence and other applications demanding high-reliability. The MIL 83513-style connectors that need a particularly smaller footprint than the closest industry competitor now provide captive screw fixings and can be employed with thicker PCBs and larger diameter cables.

Captive screw fixings offer a fast locking solution since there is no requirement to tighten alternative sides repeatedly. They also assure that screws are never lost. The connectors are also now optionally provided with longer straight-through and 90-degree contacts allowing them to be employed on PCBs that are up to 3.5mm thick. Finally, the connectors can also be utilised with AWG24 cable, larger than many competing devices.

Ideal for both board-to-board and board-to-wire (from AWG 24 to 30) applications, the connectors are offered with any pin selection from 04 to 60 signal contacts. Signal contacts are rated for up to 3A, and give a wiping length of 1.27mm with 1.27µm gold plating to assure that signal integrity is preserved while under conditions of heavy shock and vibration. Devices are rated for up to 45G vibration, exceeding EIA 364-28E test conditions III&IV, up to 160G for shock, exceeding EIA 364-27B G, and for an operational temperature range of -65C to +260C exceeding EIA 364-32D.

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