Coin cell style EDLCs replace or extend battery life in on-board memory backup

16-09-2019 | Cornell Dubilier | Passives

Cornell Dubilier's new EDC and EDS series of Coin Cell style EDLC capacitors are able to replace or extend battery life in on-board memory backup. With fast-response and recharge times, these devices provide higher power than batteries and higher energy than typical aluminium electrolytic capacitors with no degradation over millions of charge-discharge cycles.

Both series provide values from 0.047 to 1.5 Farad capacity, at voltages up to 6.3WVDC for the EDC series; and 5.5WVDC for the EDS series. Operating temperature for the EDS series is from -25C to +85C, with the EDC series offering -25C to +70C. Three case configurations are provided for horizontal, vertical and radial-lead PCB mounting.

These series capacitors are ready to board mount in applications such as RTC backup, power failure backup, battery assist and market areas such as smart metering, building automation, HVAC controls, appliances, communication systems, instruments and other microprocessor-based devices. Due to their high volumetric power density, they can be an efficient way to decrease board size and weight. Either series can be utilised as a drop-in replacement for similar value capacitors lately discontinued by other manufacturers.

By Natasha Shek