Bridge serialisers ideal for automotive infotainment applications

11-09-2019 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments DS90UB941AS-Q1 DSI to FPD-Link III Bridge Serializers are ideal for automotive infotainment applications. The DS90UB941AS-Q1, when paired with an FPD-Link III DS90UB940N-Q1, DS90UB948-Q1, DS90UB924-Q1, DS90UB926Q-Q1 or DS90UB928Q-Q1 deserializer, can supply high-speed serial streams over single-ended coaxial cables. As well as over 100Ohm, differential STP and STQ cables. The devices can support symmetric and asymmetric splitting, due in response to the increase in number and diversity of displays in infotainment systems.

The serializers can combine video data over two differential pairs to simplify system design and reduce the interconnect size and weight of the application. The FPD-Link III interface supports video and audio data transmission and full-duplex control. This incorporates I2C communication and up to eight I2S audio channels over the same high-speed serial link. The usage of low voltage differential signalling, data scrambling, and randomisation reduces the EMI.

The devices serialise a MIPI DSI input that maintains a video resolution of up to 2K, WUXGA and 1080p60 with 24-bit colour depth. The device supports up to WXGA and 720p resolutions with 24-bit colour depth over one differential link in backward-compatible mode.

Typical uses in automotive infotainment include IVI head units and HMI modules, digital instrument clusters, and rear seat entertainment systems.

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