Bridge sensor signal conditioner IC for automotive solutions

02-09-2019 | Analog Devices | Semiconductors

Analog Devices ADA4558 Bridge Sensor Signal Conditioner IC provides digital nonlinearity correction and temperature compensation via internal or external sensed temperatures. This is achieved using on-chip correction and calibration hardware that can be optimised for a particular bridge sensor. The device employs a fourth-order digital correction algorithm and gives a system accuracy of 0.1% full-scale range for bridge sensors with second-order nonlinearity sensitivity. The device comprises a local interconnect network physical interface for single-wire, high-voltage communications in automotive environments. LIN 2.1 and past versions are supported. The LIN interface provides access to measurements, end of line calibration, and a broad range of diagnostic functions.

The analog subsystem comprises of an ADC and a PGA with a wide gain range from 2.94V/V to 971.10V/V. To reduce power supply noise, the bridge sensor is biased with an internal 4V voltage regulator. The device is fully specified from −40C to +150C. The device runs from battery supply voltages of 6V to 18V. The IC is offered in a 4mm x 4mm, 20-lead lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP).

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