Barometric gauge pressure measuring board ideal for development of many different applications

03-09-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mikroe MIKROE-3466 Pressure 12 Click is a barometric gauge pressure measuring board, furnished with the Amplified Basic Pressure sensor series. The series provides a ratiometric analog output, which is proportional to the applied pressure. The device highlights a very low Total Error Band of 1.5% of FS, a specification used to describe all the measurement errors and deviations within the sensor itself. The ABP series sensor employs a calibrated and thermally compensated ASIC. This offers a ratiometric output updated at a frequency of 1kHz. It can be directly used by the A/D conversion section of the host MCU. It can also be directly employed in a control feedback loop, for low latency operations.

Excellent for the development and prototyping of various applications based on the gauge pressure measurement, including HVAC systems, pneumatic control, and regulation, air/gas pressure monitoring, but also some low-power IoT applications, such as weather IoT nodes, and similar.

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