Three-phase AC input FEMs offer a small, efficient and cost-effective solution

23-08-2019 | Vicor | Power

Vicor TPM1714 Three-Phase AC Input Front-End-Modules are created to interface directly with worldwide three-phase AC mains and offer a rectified AC input. These modules consolidate a bridge rectifier, EMI filter, and surge protection circuitry in a simple-to-use VIA plastic housing. The three-phase AC input modules together with the BCM4414 high-voltage products achieve a small, simple, efficient and cost-effective EMI class AC-DC solutions.

Typical applications for the modules include test/measurement equipment and industrial power systems.

The modules are provided in three-phase input, chassis-mount or PCB-mount form factor. The device is supplied din a small, robust package, offering a low profile.The module satisfies EN61000-4-5 Class 3 surge protection at VIN=208VAC when utilised with external surge trap and fuse, paired with the company's BCM4414 VIA high-voltage products.

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