Step-down buck regulators are excellent for inverting output applications

29-08-2019 | Analog Devices | Power

Analog Devices by Linear Technology LTC36xx/LTC7149 Series Synchronous Step-Down Buck Regulators are high efficiency, monolithic and ideal for inverting output applications. The LTC3623 and LTC3600 are programmed with a singular external resistor. The LTC3649 and LTC7149 offer single resistor programmable output voltage, with high efficiency over a broad VOUT range.

The LTC7149 provides an inverting regulator working from an input voltage range of 3.4V to 60V. The LTC3649 provides an input voltage range of 3.1V to 60V. The LTC3623 and LTC3600 offer operating voltage ranges of 4V to 15V.

The LTC3649 and LTC7149 provide a peak current mode architecture that enables for a fast transient response with inherent cycle-to-cycle current limit protection. The LTC3623 and LTC3600 have an operating frequency from 200kHz to 4MHz and has a unique constant on-time architecture that is perfect for high step-down ratio applications.

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