Soft termination MLCCs for automotive equipment requiring high board flexibility

22-08-2019 | TTI Europe | Automotive Technologies

Yageo automotive grade with soft termination MLCC – AS series is intended for the use of automotive equipment that needs high board flexibility. This series, available now from TTI Europe, offers continuous quality improvement and assurance, and can resolve cracking issues produced by excessive mechanical stress and thermal fatigue. The new ranges are class II X7R up to 4.7 micro farad capacitance with case sizes (inch) 0603 to 1210.

The soft termination MLCC is produced by inserting a conductive silver polymer layer into the typical termination structure. This layer acts as a 'cushion' to reduce the stress when the MLCC is in a harsh environment. Compared with the AC series automotive grade, which guarantees a 2mm test board flexure, the AS series can resist at least 5mm for case sizes equal to or smaller than 1210.

The device is ideal for power train and safety, comfort and infotainment, body electronics, and e-mobility (HEV/PHEV/EV) applications.

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